Jan 23, 2020
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This is YOUR life. Do what brings you joy and savor eve…

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This is YOUR life. Do what brings you joy and savor every moment with people you love.

Every year I move more confidently through the world, loving myself more, trusting myself more and prioritizing my own needs to step into my true power. A few years ago I would have been afraid to express that, worried about what others think or believing it is selfish. But as I have become more observant of people and situations, I realized that setting firm boundaries and standing up for myself is necessary in my evolution. Situations repeat themselves until you choose to face them differently. Whatever is happening is an offering for your spiritual growth towards oneness, peace and unconditional love.

We need other humans to learn to be human. Grateful today for you, and all the people and experiences that have brought me to this moment. 📸: @sfreneenyc


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