Jan 16, 2020
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We are all here to love one another and support each ot…

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We are all here to love one another and support each other and to spread light in this world. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, artist, chef or anything else, your gift and talent is yours to share to bring more love and happiness to the world. The people I am drawn now to are those who have discovered their purpose and passion and are using their talents to make the world a better place. You can capture the essence of humanity in whatever you do, and you can make the decision to absorb all of the pain and rejection you’ve faced in this life and channel it into something positive.
I’m so energetically sensitive at this point that I can feel the energy of whoever is creating the food I’m eating. The most expensive sushi can feel soulless or tired and depressed, and the simplest food made with love can be the most delicious thing ever.
@moonriseizakaya is super yummy and seeing @jpoznak and @porkfriedweiss always makes me so happy. Make sure you watch both videos! If you watch the second one you’ll see me do some yoga off the mat 😂
Still wearing @aloyoga #sponsored 🎥: @dimlitesnotwits @freshprinceofgelair
📸: @reneechoiphotography @dimlitesnotwits


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